Why You Should Choose Our Roller Shutters for Sale from Sequre

Why You Should Choose Our Roller Shutters for Sale from Sequre

While most people think only of security when they think of roller shutters, there are actually a lot more to these unique security measures than we think. They are designed to fulfil a whole range of requirements in addition to security. Of course, the first function of these shutters is to provide security, and they are designed to create a wonderfully secure environment to those who choose to install them. CONTINUE

Why You Need Security Shutters for Your Shop or Home

Why You Need Security Shutters for Your Shop or Home

It seems like everywhere in the world, people need to protect themselves, their families, and assets from criminal activity, such as theft and robbery nowadays. The crime rate in a lot of countries has escalated to the point where virtually everyone has to take extra measures to protect themselves from unwanted entry and intruders. Security shutters have become more popular, retail operations, and other types of business premises and even private residences are now using these security barriers to ensure that no intruders are able to gain access to the premises. This has become especially prominent in sectional complexes and security estates. Even though these areas are usually considered highly secure, the people who live in these estates still prefer to use security shutters for privacy and safety. CONTINUE

Folding Security Gates Are Necessary

Why Folding Security Gates Are Necessary to Have in Your Home and Office


Protecting your home or office from unauthorised entry by criminals has become one of the main priorities for many property owners. Crime is rife in South Africa, and break-ins, home invasions, and burglary have become sad facts of life here. Most property owners now invest quite significantly in making their properties and businesses safer, and folding security gates can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of the premises.


These work perfectly in many different situations. They concertina open and shut, and as a result, are easy to fold into small corners when not in use. Some of them come with slam-lock technology, which means that the door can be slammed shut in an emergency, for instance, when someone is chasing you, and the door will automatically lock once it is slammed shut. They are also virtually impenetrable once slammed shut.


One of the main reasons that people love the security options available from Sequre is because they are unobtrusive and can be moved out of the way when not in use. The usual gate will normally have to be opened and closed, and can form an unattractive barrier and get in the way when it is open. Folding security gates can be retracted and tucked away, so they will not get in the way of people walking in and out of the door, or perhaps even in a passage where it is installed.


Folding security gates are not only great to use in doorways, but they can also be used to cordon off certain areas of the home to create safe spaces. Often, they are installed in passages to separate the sleeping area from the other parts of the home. This means that if somebody does gain entry to the building, that the sleeping quarters are kept secure and that the residents in the sleeping quarters have a much greater degree of safety.


Another great advantage of these security gates is that they can be used in spaces where airflow is needed. Whether you are working in your garage at home or inside a room with large sliding doors, they can be locked shut, and they will still let in air and light, unlike solid doors. This means that the people and possessions inside these rooms can remain safe while still enjoying the freedom of an outside space.


Folding doors are particularly popular in the retail industry, and they can come in different forms. They can be used externally as pull-down shutters that lock in order to provide a shield on the outside of the shop, or they can be used to control entry and exit to the shop. They can also provide a good view of the shop display while also preventing people from stealing goods through broken windows.


Folding security gates also provide a visual deterrent for criminals. Because these are so hard to get through, thieves or intruders are more likely to choose another location for their criminal activities when faced with these innovative gates. Having adequate safety measures also decreases insurance costs, and can increase the value of the property significantly!


If you are interested in securing your property, contact our team at Sequre for more information. We will be able to provide you with the advice, products, and installations you need to keep your family, property, and assets safe.

Effective Burglar Proofing from Sequre

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Effective Burglar Proofing from Sequre


It is a sad fact that South Africans now live with the daily threat of break-ins and home invasions because the crime rates in this country are so high. Nowadays, it is very rare to spot a home or office without some form of security measures. These could include anything from the installation of burglar proofing to a full-scale security solution that includes electric fences, alarm systems, flood lights, CCTV cameras, security gates, and even security guards patrolling the premises.


It is evident that people feel threatened, especially at their most vulnerable, including when they are asleep or when they are absent from their premises. Getting a guard dog is no longer considered to be as much of a threat to intruders, as dogs inevitably get poisoned or eliminated in other ways when intruders really want to get into the premises.


If you are currently on the lookout for highly effective burglar proofing, you can get these from our team at Sequre. We do, however, recommend that you take a few factors into consideration before you make a decision about which type to install. We stock a range of highly effective options that will work in most situations, but you have to gather information on the following factors first.


  1. Get Your Measurements Right: It is important to know which areas you want to burglar proof and what the measurements of these places are. Ensure that the measurements of windows or other areas where you need to install burglar proofing are accurate. Remember that it is not just the window surface that has to be measured; you also need to measure the amount of space between the interior sides of the window frame.


Also get a measurement on the height on the inside of the window space, and the width of the window interior. If you are unsure what and where to measure, one of our consultants from Sequre will be only too happy to help with guidance and measurement. We will also be able to provide valuable advice about the types that will suit your building and your needs the best.


  1. Bylaws of The Neighbourhood: In some cases, certain neighbourhoods are very particular about the type of burglar proofing that can be installed, especially if the area is considered a heritage site. Certain gated communities or housing estates can also have their own rules and regulations when it comes to the maintenance of a streamlined aesthetic throughout the area. Speak to the estate manager or security personnel to ensure that you know which types will work best and which types are not allowed.


  1. Visual Appearance: Security is vital, yet you do not want your home to look like a prison from the outside. There are now many different types on the market that will have a minimal impact on the aesthetic appeal of the home. Certain types can even be completely clear, and others can be pulled down like shutters at night while still providing protection during the day. Effective security measures and curb appeal do not always go hand in hand, but if you speak to our team at Sequre, we can provide you with burglar proofing that will not detract from the look of your home.


For more information about highly effective and unobtrusive security measures, contact our team at Sequre today!

The Importance of Having Your Burglar Doors Installed By a Professional

The Importance of Having Your Burglar Doors Installed By a Professional


In South Africa, burglar doors and slam gates have become a very common sight at business locations and even at homes. The crime rate is high and people are doing their best to protect their families and business assets from unwanted intruders. While it is easy to purchase burglar doors from several suppliers, correct installation is very important. Some people choose to save money by installing theirs in DIY fashion, but getting some professional help can go a long way towards making security barriers a lot more efficient. CONTINUE

Enjoy The Many Security Benefits Of Roller Shutter Gates From Sequre!

Enjoy The Many Security Benefits Of Roller Shutter Gates From Sequre!


Unfortunately, most people in South Africa are vulnerable to crime, and if you have an office, business premises, factory, or home that needs to be protected from unwanted intrusion, roller shutter gates are very practical. They are usually created from steel, which makes them strong and corrosion proof. They are highly robust obstacles, and very few people can actually find their way through them to gain entrance to your premises. They can be motorised and automated, and this just adds to the ease and comfort of using them.


  • Visual Deterrent: One of the main benefits is that they act as a very effective visual deterrent. Because they are so robust, not many people will attempt to get through them. When your property is spotted by criminals, your roller shutter gates will put them off and they are then much more likely to seek out another property that is less effectively protected. Most criminals wish to gain access and exit easily and quickly, and doing this with roller shutter gates in place is virtually impossible.


  • Protects Against Looting: It is a sad fact that political marches in South Africa are frequent and sometimes get out of hand. If you want your shop to be protected during any type of looting or acts of vandalism, these gates will ensure that looters or unwanted intruders cannot gain access to your premises easily. This helps to keep your stock and your office premises secure.


  • Storm Proof: If there is a particularly violent storm, roller shutter gates can protect windows and doors from breaking when objects blow against them in high winds, or even in serious hail storms.


  • Light, Safety, and Ventilation: Often, they are used where large open doors are, like in the garage or a large open patio with roller doors. Solid gates and doors may provide great protection, but they also block out sunlight and air flow. The advantage is that they provide total safety, while still allowing air and light to flow through the building. This means that you can enjoy the cool breeze yet still feel safe if you are working on a project in your garage or protected work premises.


  • Aesthetically Appealing: While security gates in the past have not been the most attractive objects, modern technology has enabled companies, such as Sequre, to develop highly attractive security gates and roller shutter gates. The industrial feel of older security doors has been replaced with more attractive options that seem less invasive and prominent, while still providing high security levels.


At Sequre, we specialise in the manufacture, sales. and installation of retractable security barriers. Our roller shutter gates are created specifically for clients, and we custom-build according to function, location, and measurement. This means that our clients get a specialised design that is created specifically to be practical and offer outstanding security. We have been in the industry for fifteen years, and as a result, we have a lot of experience and advice to offer. In addition to this, we also have highly effective and attractive products. Give us a call today for the ultimate in terms of protecting your property!

Why You Should Invest In Burglar Gates for Business Security

Why You Should Invest In Burglar Gates for Business Security

Your business is your pride and joy. You have spent a lot of money starting up, expanding, purchasing the correct tools and equipment, and hiring the right employees. You spend most of your life at your business in order to secure an income for you and your family, and you continuously spend time thinking about how to increase your income, how to improve your business, and how to make it more profitable. Nurturing this business is one of your most important tasks every day, and as a result, you are acutely aware of the fact that your business assets need to be protected and kept safe. CONTINUE

5 Advantages of Using Steel Security Gates for Your Home and Business Premises

5 Advantages of Using Steel Security Gates for Your Home and Business Premises

We all know that South Africa is not an easy landscape to negotiate when it comes to security. Break-ins and hijackings are almost at the order of the day, and this has led to whole new era of security technology. Most security measures have been improved significantly over the last decade, and steel security gates are not an exception. We now understand how steel security gates can be used to keep our premises, assets, families, and employees safe, and this technology is now applied more than ever. CONTINUE

Protect Your Assets with Roller Shutter Gates

Protect Your Assets with Roller Shutter Gates from Sequre!

If you have large doors at your home or business premises, protecting them with the usual steel barriers and gates may not be adequate. Installing roller shutter gates may provide you with added benefits and extra security. Roller shutter gates secure a large door space (such as a garage office or large patio door) and allow you to enjoy the space without the possibility of someone pointing a firearm at you through the gate. Often, people are threatened this way and they are forced to open gates at gunpoint to let in the burglars or intruder. This puts them in a very vulnerable place because there are no barriers to protect them from harm. CONTINUE

High-Quality Steel Security Gates and Barriers from Sequre

Why You Should Invest in High-Quality Steel Security Gates and Barriers from Sequre

It is a sad fact that we face the risk of break-ins and home invasions on a daily basis in South Africa. Even though it is one of the most modern and beautiful countries in Africa, security is a serious issue, and it is almost unheard of to see a property without some security gates and barriers. Modern homeowners and those who want to protect business premises and employees are highly security conscious, and security companies everywhere are constantly working at updating their security technologies in order to remain ahead of the criminal activities that take place on a regular basis.

Many of them come up with highly organised and integrated solutions, which combine and connect a range of different security measures, such as connecting lights to CCTV cameras, alarms to security gates and barriers, and automating certain responses to intrusion.

Regardless of the sophistication of the local security technologies, the most basic methods are still effective. Installing high-quality security gates and barriers throughout the property still remains the number one priority on the security list. Security gates and barriers are sought-after for many reasons, and at Sequre, we ensure that you get only the best protection when you purchase your security barriers from us. There are many reasons why you should install our security gates and barriers, and these include the following:

  • Secure: Because our security gates and barriers are made of steel, they are very hard to cut or saw through. This means that your property will always be safeguarded. You can even install barriers and security gates within certain areas of the home to provide extra safety and safe areas within the home, such as the sleeping quarters. While there are many different types of security gates and barriers on the market, our products are high-quality and weather proof, and our slam-lock gates provide the perfect solution for those who need to flee for safety in an instant.
  • Cost-Effective: Of course, price is always a consideration when it comes to security solutions, and people always try to get the best value for money. One of the best things about our steel gates and barriers is that steel is easily available and highly cost-effective to create. This translates into savings for our customers. Other materials, such as wrought iron can be difficult to work with and cost more, but they do not necessarily provide better protection. That is why our products at Sequre are some of the most cost-effective security options available.
  • Longevity and Strength: Steel is very strong, and our security gates and barriers are treated to be weather resistant. This means that our products function very well and last long, even when used outdoors at coastal areas. They are designed to be resistant to moisture, heat, sun, and wind, and will endure the extreme variations in weather we regularly encounter in this country.
  • Low Maintenance: It is vital that your security gates, especially slam lock gates and barriers function optimally at all times. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time and money on the maintenance of their security gates, and because steel requires virtually no maintenance, our clients can rest assured that all they may have to do is to add a little oil here and there to ensure that the locks remain in a good condition.

At Sequre, we manufacture only high-quality steel gates that comply with the SABS quality standards. If you are looking for secure and long-lasting security gates and barriers, give us a call to find out more!