Saving On Insurance in South Africa Premiums with Burglar Proofing

One thing insurance companies don’t like is risk. Insurers are more than interested and vested in keeping insurance claims to a risk. This logically follows that insurance companies will reward you for reducing the risks associated with insuring your property. One way of doing this is to take every possible step at your disposal to eliminate the threat of theft or burglary from your property. By doing this you will also reduce the risk that your property will be subjected to a burglary and insurance companies really like that.

Increasing your home’s security will directly impact your insurance premiums and subsequently lead to greater savings. The first step to doing this would be to contact your insurance companies and ask them which type of anti-theft devices will save you the most money on your monthly premiums. Chances are extremely good that South African insurers will mention burglar proofing as one of the main features they look for with reduced-risk clients.

There are many reasons for this – burglar proofing has been for many years one of the best deterrents to keeping unlawful and criminal elements out of properties. Not only will you be able to save money on your monthly insurance premiums, but you and your family will sleep soundly at night knowing that your property is safer from those who wish to do you harm.

Cutting Edge and Effective Burglar Proofing Solutions from Sequre

Sequre is a leading supplier of quality burglar proofing products in South Africa. Our company specialises in the manufacturing and installing of top quality security doors, barriers, gates and roller shutters. With more than a decade and a half of experience in the industry, Sequre now supplies and distributes our celebrated range of high quality security products to our valued customers throughout South Africa and even abroad.

Our burglar proofing products have received a great welcome into the market, as there was a definite need for high quality and cost-effective security gates and burglar bars. The quality products and services we deliver have provided us with the chance to become an approved supplier for many institutions and individuals throughout the country.

Another indication of our market leading success is the fact that Sequre was one of the first three retractable security barrier companies in the entire South Africa to achieve the strict SABS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification. Aside from this, we are also founding members of the South African Security Barrier Association.

Retractable Security Barriers from Sequre

Sequre boasts with an impressive catalogue of the best quality retractable security barriers available on the market. By investing in this level of burglar proofing for your property you will not only be able to feel much safer in your own home, but will also be able to enjoy the many savings on your monthly insurance premiums. The Panther security gate offers the thickest and strongest flight configuration available on the South African market at this time.

The gate’s design also features an extra slot support stainless steel rivets along with aluminium extruded top and bottom tracks with anti-twist functions. All of these security features combine to make our range of Panther sliding security gates the obvious best choice when looking to invest in high security barriers at the best possible price.

The Status II security gate features 13mm3mm flights with its registered design, along with extra slot support stainless steel rivets and galvanised rolled top. It also features an extruded aluminium bottom tracks with anti-twist functions. We are proud of our exclusive and quality range of retractable security gate products that form part of our extensive catalogue of burglar proofing products.

Our team of sales professionals will be best able to advise you of all the solutions available to you and will guide you towards making the best purchasing decision for your property. We are so confident of the quality of our products that we provide a five year inland and three year coastal guarantee on all our products, along with a comprehensive guarantee against faulty workmanship.

To learn more about our extensive range of quality burglar proofing products and how your property will benefit from our products, contact Sequre to discuss your security needs today!