Burglar Proofing Your Backyard and Garden

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Burglar Proofing Your Backyard

When it comes to safety, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with what you need and what you do not. After all, burglar proofing your home is one thing where you should not leave anything up to chance. But when is the right time to stop, and how do you know if you missed any crucial spots? The backyard of your home is one place that we have found is often overlooked. To help you stay on track, we have made a list of the top tips for burglar proofing your backyard.

Identify Easy Entry Points

Unfortunately, the “beware of dog” sign is not always enough to keep intruders at bay. For a start, take a walk through your backyard and try to identify any visible entry points that could easily be accessed by a burglar from either the street or your neighbour’s house. If you see anything that could use some extra protection, talk to your neighbours and see if you can find a solution that will benefit both properties.

Consider Burglar Proofing Your Garden Shed

Many valuable items are stored in the garden shed, which may just give an intruder the needed equipment to clip a bike chain or break a lock. Consider investing in a security gate for your garden shed too.

We also recommend frosted windows for your shed or garage. This will stop eyes from peeking in and getting an idea of what is up for grabs. It is also crucial that you do a thorough check to see if there are any places in your shed walls, roof, or door hinges that have obvious wear and tear.

Protect Your Valuables

Summertime means we are all going to spend some more time outside. From braais to pool parties, your backyard could be a potential gold mine for thieves. Be sure to take the extra precautions by protecting your valuable items. This includes covering expensive grills with tarps, locking up the bicycles and carrying in any electronics at night.

Install Motion-Detecting Lights

Some of us may enjoy being in the spotlight. But we think it is safe to assume that burglars do not. Motion-sensing lights are a great investment when burglar proofing your backyard. As soon as an unwanted visitor enters your yard, be it a burglar or the pesky neighbourhood cat, they are sure to be stopped in their tracks.

Design a Smarter Landscaping Plan

As simple as it may seem, the fact is that an effective burglar thrives in the privacy of overgrown trees and bushes that provide cover from neighbours. Keeping your backyard maintained and trimmed is key to burglar proofing your home and will greatly benefit your general security plan. If you prefer some shrubbery or bushes, make sure there are a few with thorns and that are uncomfortable to hide in.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out more of our tips and tricks on installing the right burglar gate and everything safety here. Feel free to pop into your nearest Sequre branch and we will gladly talk you through the steps of securing your property.

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