Burglar Proofing that Keeps You Safe

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Burglar Proofing: Securing Your Home with Smart Solutions

Several issues are uppermost in South African minds and media – corruption, load shedding, failure of ageing infrastructure, water outages, and of course, crime, crime prevention, and the prevalence of household burglaries. Since law enforcement and private security personnel cannot monitor every area all the time, it’s incumbent upon every resident to take independent, appropriate action by burglar proofing their properties.

Burglar Proofing that Keeps You Safe and Secure

More than ever, it’s crucially important to burglar proof your home with top-quality security barriers that have been specifically designed to keep burglars and unauthorised persons out, while helping to ensure that you, your loved ones, and everything you’ve worked hard to acquire stay safe and secure within your home. This is our goal at Sequre; it’s the very reason for our existence.

Sequre’s Safety Systems

For more than 21 years, we at Sequre have been designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing several ranges of smart burglar proofing security solutions. We provide our highly effective security solutions directly to the public and the corporate sectors. We’ve also registered numerous cutting-edge designs and patents that enhance the break-in resistance, strength, and efficiency of our products, which are represented on this website as:

  • Retractable Security Barriers – a hot favourite amongst our discerning home and business owners, who value flexible security options.
  • Burglar Bars – keep burglars out without the need to remember to close and lock the security barrier.
  • Roller Shutters – ideal for numerous applications to secure homes, businesses, and industrial premises.
  • A DIY Range of Security Gates – designed to enable the DIY enthusiast to install security measures at doorways, without utilising professional installation services.

Retractable Security Barriers

Available in two ranges – Panther and Status – these burglar proofing barriers represent the ultimate, quintessential smart solution that’s designed to keep intruders at bay, whilst offering you the option of enjoying a clear view beyond your windows and doors.

Additionally, with the retractable system closed and locked, you’re free to leave your windows and doors open to allow for maximum ventilation, without compromising your safety. Our combined slam lock and deadlock system is one of our retractable barriers’ outstanding security features.

Burglar Bars

Three burglar bar variants for securing windows are on offer – Status, AluSequre Grille, and Sequre Guard. All are securely fixed and fitted to all four sides of the window to maximise their burglar proofing capabilities, helping to ensure that everyone and everything in the home is safe and intact. With their elegantly sophisticated smart appearance, our burglar bar systems are functional assets in every home.

Roller Shutters

If you prefer lock-up-and-go lifestyle security barriers that are sufficiently smart and elegant to function as aesthetically pleasing additions to your doors, windows, patios, staircases and passageways, our streamlined roller shutter range may be your ideal solution. These products offer the same “open or closed” clear view flexibility as our retractable barriers.

Customers may choose between aluminium or galvanised steel roller barriers. Powder-coated aluminium offers a sleek, sophisticated appearance, while galvanised steel – plain or powder-coated – imparts a more industrial look, which is very trendy in home applications.

Be Smart; Be Burglar Proof

Whether you prefer the DIY route, more traditional permanently fixed burglar bars, retractable barriers, or shutters that roll up into an overhead cylinder, be sure to choose Sequre. Contact us today for your burglar proofing needs, ensuring that you’re secure and safe – not sorry.

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