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Guarding Your Haven: Discover the Strength and Style of Burglar Gates for Home Security.

Although comparatively simple in its basic design, a gate is intended to keep various people, animals, vehicles, andthe like in or out of properties. Burglar gates are specifically targeted at unwanted intruders, thieves, and burglars, for the purpose of keeping them out, whilst maintaining the safety and security of everyone and everything within the premises, particularly if the property is meant to be your safe haven – not merely your house, but your home.

Why Installation of Burglar Gates is Wise

Home is where the heart is, and as such, it’s expected to be your safe haven, the place to which you return at the end of each working day to relax, unwind, and enjoy the company of your precious loved ones in harmonious safety. Your security and well-being is paramount in your home. That’s the primary reason why it’s wise to install effective, high-quality burglar gates to safeguard all potentially vulnerable points of entry.

Because the actions taken by security services, such as the SAPS and private security companies, tend to be reactive, it’s on you to provide your own preventative burglar gates and physical safety barriers.

Sequre’s Patents, Purpose, and Presence

With our ongoing focus on strength, style, and safety, we at Sequre have patented and registered numerous unique designs that we incorporate in our burglar gate collections, which are eminently suitable to safeguard all access points to your home.

Our innovative physical burglar gate systems are specifically designed to secure doorways, windows, passages, stairways, and patios. Additionally, prospective customers beyond South Africa’s borders should note that our burglar gate systems are also available from qualified sales outlets across the African continent.

Burglar Proofing Your Backyard

Burglar Bar Ranges

We offer three fixed burglar bar ranges – Status, AluSequre Grille, and Sequre Guard. Our burglar bar options are also stylish, aesthetically pleasing, impressive, and effective security barriers.

Retractable Security Gates

Available in two versions, these products represent the ultimate burglar gates, which offer exceptional security to ensure that your home remains your safe haven. Panther gates are bolt-cutter resistant. Likewise, installation is tamper-resistant, a unique feature of these highly effective barriers. Status gates, featuring somewhat thinner cross flights, still offer most of the Panther’s state-of-the-art security benefits.

DIY Burglar Gates

This range is designed for the handyman and DIY enthusiast, who has the ability to undertake his/her own burglar gate installation successfully. There’s a choice of two styles – a welded swing gate or a retractable swing-away gate. Our star key double pin lock system enhances the security aspect of both types.

Roller Shutters

Whereas our retractable gates open and close horizontally, our supremely stylish roller shutters operate vertically, rolling up into a cylinder when open and down by unrolling the coil. Our roller shutter barriers do function as strong, stylish security gates, designed to prevent burglars from entering and robbing your home of its contents.

Our strong, effective security roller shutters are loaded with options, from slat types and applications to shutter materials – super stylish aluminium or galvanised steel, which offers a trendy, exceptionally strong industrial look.

Your Choice

The choice is yours, but we’re always on hand to address queries and provide guidance as well as free online quotes for your burglar gate options. Be secure; contact us now.

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