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Burglar Gates and Other Security Measures to Safeguard Your Home.

A move to an unfamiliar neighbourhood can be overwhelming, and it can cost a fortune to get everything set up before you feel comfortable and safe in your new home. However, protecting your property from theft doesn’t have to be tiring and expensive if you know which parts are most important to secure.

That vulnerable feeling can go away in an instant if you’ve installed burglar gates and window bars on all windows and doorways that lead outside.

5 Cost-Free Solutions to Secure Your Property

Apart from installing state-of-the-art burglar gates and barriers, there are other essential measures to safeguard your belongings, which won’t cost anything:

  1. Get passwords – By blocking outsiders from your Wi-Fi, computers, alarm systems, and camera monitoring devices, you make it harder for criminals to gather information on your routine and habits. This, in turn, will make it more difficult for intruders to find an easy-in to your abode.
  2. Tidy up – It might seem like a lot of work to keep the grass short, to remove rubbish and always leave the garden and house clean and neat. However, it is important to eliminate potential hiding spots. In addition, a neat environment will make it easier to spot anything out of the ordinary.
  3. Join your community watch – Most communities have a system in place to keep the neighbourhood crime-free. These are generally free or have a small fee for joining. If you’re in contact with others in the area, it’s easier to call for help when necessary, and you’ll be alerted of suspicious activity in your surroundings.
  4. Remember to lock – Another way for securing your place is to consistently lock every window, gate and door at night before bed or when leaving the premises. Criminals will not let an easy access opportunity pass. So, make it difficult for them to gain unauthorised access to your home.
  5. Avoid habitual behaviour – Not all villains are opportunistic, and some might stalk your family for weeks prior to trespassing. If you have a set routine, it’s possible for them to calculate when you’ll be away and for how long. Thus, it’s smart to change things up every once in a while. Enter from the back door today and the front tomorrow. Leave the living room lights on when you go to sleep one day and off the next. Small differences in your daily routine can sometimes be enough to discourage thieves from attempting to rob you as planned.

Consider Quality Burglar Gates from Sequre

Unless you’re dealing with hardened criminals, the regular robber will try to enter your abode through either an unsecured gate or unbarred window. Therefore, these are the main points to focus on when upgrading your home’s defences and this is why our burglar gates are so popular.

Security Gates For Sale

Not all security gates are made from the same quality materials and designs. Henceforth, you should think about custom burglar gates if you want to make sure your efforts don’t go to waste, and you end up with a piece of steel that doesn’t fit the door frame and isn’t strong enough to keep criminals from getting in.

At Sequre we offer multiple options on barriers, and customers can even order tailor-made gates.

See the list of what can be customised on your burglar gate below:

  • Choose a colour that matches the look of your house.
  • Specify the size in width and height to fit your home entrances.
  • Deadlock, slam lock or combination locking methods can be installed.
  • Retractable – or swing ways of opening and closing are available.

We also stock designs that have been created for persons who don’t want to work out the details and buy already flawless security barriers. Whatever special requests you have, send them through and get a custom quote on the burglar gates of your choosing.