Burglar Gates and More

Burglar Gates and More – Everything You Need To Secure Your Home in 2022.

It’s no secret that South Africa is among the most dangerous countries to live in if you measure it by criminal-activity. According to World Population Review, South Africa has ranked third in a study of which countries have the highest crime rate in the world in 2022. Moreover, it’s not just petty-theft that citizens have to worry about, and thus securing your home with burglar gates is essential, regardless of the province or city that you’re in.

For a safe option when purchasing durable barriers, consider Sequre. We offer a life-long guarantee on repairing, replacing, or refunding any products you purchase from us if they were broken into. It might not be an anti-break-in guarantee, but it does assure customers that we believe in the strength and ability of our burglar gates to stop wrong-doers from entering your premises.

Securing Your Home – Where to Start?

There are three sections to secure at any residential property, and you can choose to start at whichever suits you. The first section is your outer perimeter, which refers to the border of your property or where your garden ends. The next part to reinforce is your inner perimeter, which refers to the outside of your house. And lastly, you want to take safety measures on the inside of your home.

It doesn’t matter in which order you secure your area, but some points are more important than others, and certain security systems are not as effective on their own.

Burglar Proofing Your Backyard

The Main Points of Each Section to Focus On Include:

  • Section 1: All main and secondary gates, as well as fences or walls facing the street need to be high enough or strengthened with other measures to keep burglars out.
  • Section 2: Any doors and windows that can be seen from the road take priority over back entrances for burglar gates and bars.
  • Section 3: Rooms where people sleep and also areas where safes with valuables or weapons are kept should be closed off from the rest of the house.

What Does A Security System Do?

If you are in the process of making your house safer, you can download our “free professional guide to securing your home” ’for all kinds of expert security advice.

The key point of adding new technology, burglar gates, and defence systems, is not to get an ‘anti break-in guarantee’, but to give you time. Time is everything when it comes to having attackers target you and your family. If the burglar gates you’ve installed are strong and tricky enough to keep the criminals out for a couple of minutes to give you a chance for calling the authorities, you win.

To achieve this you want to place barriers between you, from the main gate of the property, to the front, back and other outwards leading doors of your home, as well as windows, chimneys and any other entrances to the building. The longer it takes for a robber to get in, the better your odds of getting a call out.

However, you can only phone the police in time if you are aware that someone is trying to break-in, which is where your next layer of defence should be focused on – a way to know something is going to happen, before it happens. For this type of security measure, you have many options. These can range from motion censored outdoor lights to 24-hour cameras, either connected to a security company or a computer screen inside you house for observing what’s going on outside.

Inside the building, you can use alarms wherever your family does not move around at night, but do remember that pets can also trigger these. A simple solution if you have furry friends is to use alarms that attach to doors, windows and burglar gates, which only go off when someone tampers with the feature to which the alarms are attached.

The last part to completing your set-up is communication. Set up radio communication between you and neighbours, add a panic button in every room or, at the very least, put emergency numbers on speed-dial on all phones.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t wait until a tragedy occurs to take measures in securing your home. Get in touch with Sequre, for a free quote on any of our burglar gates and other products, which are all life-long guaranteed in the case of a break-in.

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