Make Sure You are Secure with Burglar Doors When Going On Holiday.

It’s no secret that we are all pretty bored with being stuck at home. We all want to get out, go on holiday, and spend some time somewhere else.

Unfortunately, whether you live in a standalone home, or in a gated community or flat, there are varying degrees of risk to your property. At Sequre you can get a range of security measures for your private or commercial property, from security bars to retractable security gates and burglar doors.

Here are some helpful tips to make sure the security of your home is maintained:

Get Someone to Housesit While You are Away

If it is within your budget, a professional house sitter is well worth it, especially if you have animals that need taking care of. This ensures that there is someone to set the alarm and make sure to lock safeguards like burglar doors. A house sitter can also take out the bin on garbage day and collect any post in your post box so that it is not obvious you are away. Tell your neighbour and alert your security company that you are going away. If you are in a flat or gated community, let the head of security in the complex or estate know that you will be away.

Check the Perimeter

Make sure your fence, gates, and burglar doors are secure. Check if there is a need for any maintenance that could compromise the integrity of the structure, or if there are objects nearby that a criminal could use to gain access to your property. If you are in a flat or shared community, talk to the head of security or maintenance to check the perimeter barriers.

Check Your Alarm System

Ask your security company to run a test. In most cases they will happily oblige. This will enable you to detect any issues with the alarm or battery. If there are sensors on any of your security measures like burglar doors, make sure to check them before you leave. Although not a 100% deterrent, alarms do startle a criminal and alert others.

Check All Entrances and Windows 

Check all entrances and windows. It is most important to check every entrance into your home. It is unlikely that a criminal would come through the wall or dig under your house through the floor, so if they are not getting through the windows or entrances, they are not getting into your house. Security measures like burglar doors and security bars are a must to keeping your home safe. Even if you are in a flat or a complex, investing in home perimeter defences like burglar doors is essential.

At Sequre we have retractable security barriers, burglar doors, security bars, and roller shutters to keep your property hidden and secure. As the last defence against a possible intruder into your home, our products can delay breach time of windows and entrances almost indefinitely, so that the police or security forces can effectively detain the perpetrators.

Visit today to find the right protection for your home and to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.