Burglar Doors Help to Foil Attempted Burglaries

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Burglar Doors Help Foil Attempted Burglaries.

Criminals are known to target unprotected or minimally protected premises when they want to break in, but you can help to foil their attempts by securing your property with burglar doors by Sequre.

Why Burglar Doors?

There are numerous reasons why increasing numbers of security-conscious South Africans prefer our burglar doors with which to increase the security features at their homes, offices, and industrial and commercial facilities – wherever safeguards and additional security barriers are required.

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Beef Up on Basic Security Measures

A lock and key or window latch no longer suffice to keep burglars out. They aren’t even much of a deterrent because, more often than not, these guys are experienced housebreakers. You need to beef up basic security measures in order to safeguard your premises, as well as everything and everyone within.

Visible Burglar Door and Window Security 

Typically, housebreakers monitor likely premises before they strike. From their perspective, properties with visible burglar doors and burglar bars that afford protection are not ideal targets. Unsecured premises are, because it’s easy, quick, and far less noisy to break in and get out with stolen goods in hand.

Size Does Count

Gaining entry through a doorway may be preferable, because larger openings enable burglars to emerge with sizeable loot. The size of a doorway and its corresponding burglar proofing are factors and features that do count.

Reasons to Select Sequre

Professionally fitted, our strong and durable burglar doors are highly effective and definitely visible, enhancing a smart, attractive appearance that makes the most of the well-maintained aesthetic appeal of your property. Any thief would far rather target unsecured premises, since time is of the essence for criminals, as is easy entry and a rapid getaway.

Our company was established in 2001, so we have been active and successful in the security industry for long enough to prove ourselves, our products, and our quality, secure installations. Selecting our burglar doors is a wise decision because there are several reasons why many prefer our products. They include:

  • A lifetime guarantee offered
  • Numerous security patents that we hold
  • Exclusive designs, unique to Sequre, which enhance and improve security
  • Strong, durable materials used
  • Frames secured at strategic places on all four sides
  • High quality
  • A 7-year workmanship guarantee
  • Affordability
  • Our 21 years’ experience in our specialised field

Customers also like the fact that we manufacture, supply, and professionally install our burglar doors and other security solutions

Burglar Doors Available from Sequre

Our selection of burglar doors includes:

  • Retractable security barriers
  • Burglar bars
  • Roller shutters
  • DIY range

A Reliable Supplier

If burglar doors and physical security measures are as important to you as they should be in a country like South Africa that has high crime rates, it’s up to you to have these safeguarding products installed at your home or business. However, not all products are equal, nor are the suppliers of effective security products.

Ensure that you invest in the best quality solutions, installed by one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of burglar doors – Sequre. Contact us for a quote today.

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