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How secure is your home? It’s an uncomfortable topic to have to think about, but one that is exceptionally important. According to Mr Henning Jacobs, a trauma support co-ordinator at ER24, “House robbery is by far the most common traumatic incident people face in South Africa, especially in Gauteng. As a trauma counselling team, about 50% of the calls we attend to each month are house robberies.” Something as simple, yet effective, as retractable security gates could be what stands between you and the type of event he refers to. CONTINUE

Expandable Security Gates

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6 Great Places to Install Expandable Gates

Home security is an important topic that we all have to pay attention to sooner rather than later. While South Africa is a great and wondrous country, it will be foolish to ignore the fact that we do have a high crime rate. It is therefore imperative to take precautions to protect your family, your home, and your possessions against burglars and unwanted visitors. One of the most popular and effective items used in South African homes are expandable gates. CONTINUE

Burglar Proofing Your Property

5 Key Considerations When Burglar Proofing Your Property

The idea of a burglary or a home invasion is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. It’s not an experience anyone wants to go through. This is why it’s so important burglar proofing your property to keep unwanted visitors out and to protect the safety and security of your family and possessions. CONTINUE

6 Reasons to Get Burglar Gates

6 Reasons to Get Your Burglar Gates from Sequre

Home security is an important consideration for every South African. In a country where crime is, unfortunately, a reality we have to face, we all want to do whatever we can to ensure the safety of our family and the security of our possessions. That is exactly why, when you shop around for burglar gates you should head straight to Sequre. With more than 15 years of experience in the home security industry, we have an excellent range of high-quality security gates and burglar bars suited for every environment. CONTINUE

6 Advantages of Expandable Security Gates

6 Great Advantages of Expandable Security Gates

We all strive for a living space that is comfortable, convenient and secure. In fact, home security is one of the most important considerations for South Africans. In a country where the crime rate is significantly above the global average, it is vital to protect ourselves and our possessions. The great news is that you can ensure the safety of your property while also catering for your comfort and convenience with the help of expandable gates. CONTINUE

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Security Gates

4 Things to Consider When You Are Looking for Security Gates for Sale

As much as we all love our country and enjoy living here, it is an unavoidable truth that we also do have a very high crime rate. As such, it is essential to know how to ensure that your home or business is secure for your own safety and peace of mind. Usually, the main objective of safety measures is to restrict or control access to your property in order to deter trespassers. One of the first steps is usually to find quality security gates for sale, as these offer the most cost-effective method of access control. CONTINUE

Combining Safety and Convenience into Sliding Security Gates

Sliding Security Gates: Combining Safety and Convenience

For all its wonders and beauties, South Africa also has its challenges. While there is certainly no need to live in fear, it is responsible to take precautions to ensure your own safety, the safety of your family, and your possessions. The good news is that the local market has no shortage of products to help you secure your home. A few smart additions can give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve to enjoy in your own home. Among these practical yet trustworthy solutions are the increasingly popular sliding security gates. Given that you get a quality product from a reputable supplier, these gates provide many advantages in addition to being a trustworthy barrier. CONTINUE

Security Gates And Doors That Work Best For You

Which of These Security Gates and Doors Will Work Best for You?

Trying to secure your home has become a lot more practical – and stylish – thanks to an innovative range of barrier products from leading manufacturers such as Sequre. Gone are the days when your home ended up looking like a prison, simply because you wanted to control access and feel safe in your own space. Nowadays, you can enjoy all the benefits of top-notch safety features combined with fit-for-purpose functionality that suits your lifestyle. It is this type of innovative thinking that Sequre applies when creating our excellent range of security gates and doors. CONTINUE

Security Roller Shutters For Sale


Why You Should Be Looking at Roller Shutters for Sale for Security

As South Africans, security is a priority that is top of mind for most of us. Whether it is at home, when we are away, or at our place of work, the local crime rate, unfortunately, makes this a very important issue that cannot be ignored. As the well-known saying goes, “it is better to be safe than sorry”. So, before it becomes necessary because of a bad experience, now is a good time for you to consider the latest trends in home and workplace security. One product that has been for sale for a while, and which you certainly know but may not have considered yet, is roller shutters. CONTINUE

Many Uses of Steel Security Gates

The Many Uses of Steel Security Gates – And Where to Find the Best Ones for Sale

There is a clichéd saying that goes, “prevention is better than cure”. There is an excellent reason that this has become such a commonly used phrase. Why suffer the consequences if you can take the necessary steps to avoid it altogether? This does not only refer to our health, but to almost every aspect of our lives, including our safety. It happens all the time that home and business owners scramble to secure their premises after a break in or robbery. While it is great that they are making an effort, it would be even smarter to take precautions before an unfortunate and traumatic event such as a robbery happens. Something as simple as steel security gates can make all the difference, so we look at some great options for every occasion that are for sale at Sequre, the leaders in retractable security barriers.

Retractable Steel Security Gates

These are exceptionally versatile additions to any home or business. It is highly suitable for a large variety of spaces, entrances and hallways. Sequre offer three variations of this ultimate security feature for sale:

  1. The Panther Gate: This gate is bolt cutter resistant, and boasts 5 mm thick cross flights, linked in place using Sequre’s unique patented power pin system, making it the strongest option. It features two separate locks – a slam lock and deadlock combination – and a tamper-resistant installation.
  2. The Status Gate: This gate features 3 mm thick cross flights, linked in place using the same unique power pin system. It’s a registered design, unique to Sequre, boasts four rows of cross fights spanning over three uprights for structural strength.
  3. The Status Eco Gate: With three rows of cross fights spanning over three of Sequre’s unique, “lipped channel” double galvanised uprights designed for strength and to combat corrosion, this gate comes with a slam lock only. A deadlock can, however, be added on request.

DIY Slam Lock System Range

While the retractable range is a great solution for entrances and spaces of varying sizes, the Sequre gate slam lock range provides a great solution for more standard entrances and walkways for those looking for economic steel security gates for sale. This welded swing gate is ideal for front doors (and back doors), passages and garage side doors, and boasts a star key double pin lock system.

Roller Shutters

Another type of steel security gates for sale is roller shutters. These are typically associated with shop fronts and business premises, as they are safe, secure, offer complete coverage of a large space, retract out of sight and out of the way, and certain designs still allow visibility of what is on the other side. However, they are also great for residential properties, especially for holiday homes, sliding doors, and patios.

If you are looking at steel security gates for sale, start your search with the leaders in the industry: Sequre. We produce our products according to the highest standards and will gladly provide you with a quote on any of our custom-made range of steel security gates for sale.