Protect Your Assets with Roller Shutter Gates

Protect Your Assets with Roller Shutter Gates from Sequre!

If you have large doors at your home or business premises, protecting them with the usual steel barriers and gates may not be adequate. Installing roller shutter gates may provide you with added benefits and extra security. Roller shutter gates secure a large door space (such as a garage office or large patio door) and allow you to enjoy the space without the possibility of someone pointing a firearm at you through the gate. Often, people are threatened this way and they are forced to open gates at gunpoint to let in the burglars or intruder. This puts them in a very vulnerable place because there are no barriers to protect them from harm. CONTINUE

High-Quality Steel Security Gates and Barriers from Sequre

Why You Should Invest in High-Quality Steel Security Gates and Barriers from Sequre

It is a sad fact that we face the risk of break-ins and home invasions on a daily basis in South Africa. Even though it is one of the most modern and beautiful countries in Africa, security is a serious issue, and it is almost unheard of to see a property without some security gates and barriers. Modern homeowners and those who want to protect business premises and employees are highly security conscious, and security companies everywhere are constantly working at updating their security technologies in order to remain ahead of the criminal activities that take place on a regular basis.

Many of them come up with highly organised and integrated solutions, which combine and connect a range of different security measures, such as connecting lights to CCTV cameras, alarms to security gates and barriers, and automating certain responses to intrusion.

Regardless of the sophistication of the local security technologies, the most basic methods are still effective. Installing high-quality security gates and barriers throughout the property still remains the number one priority on the security list. Security gates and barriers are sought-after for many reasons, and at Sequre, we ensure that you get only the best protection when you purchase your security barriers from us. There are many reasons why you should install our security gates and barriers, and these include the following:

  • Secure: Because our security gates and barriers are made of steel, they are very hard to cut or saw through. This means that your property will always be safeguarded. You can even install barriers and security gates within certain areas of the home to provide extra safety and safe areas within the home, such as the sleeping quarters. While there are many different types of security gates and barriers on the market, our products are high-quality and weather proof, and our slam-lock gates provide the perfect solution for those who need to flee for safety in an instant.
  • Cost-Effective: Of course, price is always a consideration when it comes to security solutions, and people always try to get the best value for money. One of the best things about our steel gates and barriers is that steel is easily available and highly cost-effective to create. This translates into savings for our customers. Other materials, such as wrought iron can be difficult to work with and cost more, but they do not necessarily provide better protection. That is why our products at Sequre are some of the most cost-effective security options available.
  • Longevity and Strength: Steel is very strong, and our security gates and barriers are treated to be weather resistant. This means that our products function very well and last long, even when used outdoors at coastal areas. They are designed to be resistant to moisture, heat, sun, and wind, and will endure the extreme variations in weather we regularly encounter in this country.
  • Low Maintenance: It is vital that your security gates, especially slam lock gates and barriers function optimally at all times. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time and money on the maintenance of their security gates, and because steel requires virtually no maintenance, our clients can rest assured that all they may have to do is to add a little oil here and there to ensure that the locks remain in a good condition.

At Sequre, we manufacture only high-quality steel gates that comply with the SABS quality standards. If you are looking for secure and long-lasting security gates and barriers, give us a call to find out more!

Innovative Roller Shutters for Sale All Over Africa

Sequre Now Has New, Innovative Roller Shutters for Sale All Over Africa!

Roller shutters have been used for decades in Europe and the USA, but they are relatively new in South Africa. In Europe, roller shutters were mostly insulated and provided greater resistance to the cold winters at night, which helped to keep the temperature in the homes and businesses more ambient. Often, further north, they were used to blocking out light when the sun only set around 11 pm, and people found it hard to get to sleep. CONTINUE

State-Of-The-Art Burglar Proofing

Need State-Of-The-Art Burglar Proofing? Come to Sequre!

While South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to live in, it is an unfortunate fact that the crime rate is very high. Break-ins and burglaries happen on a daily basis, and those with valuables and more assets are not the only ones who are at risk of crime. Security measures are taken by everybody to protect their homes from invasion and break-ins, and as a result, the South African security industry is one of the most developed and modern in the world. CONTINUE

Get Your Burglar Doors to Ensure Your Safety

Get Your Burglar Doors for Sale at Sequre to Ensure Your Safety

Nobody wants to suffer the heartbreak and loss of valued possessions, and as a result, the security industry in this country has increased exponentially. It is, unfortunately, a hard fact of life that break-ins, burglaries, and home invasions are quite common, especially in particular areas. It is therefore one of the priorities of all South African families and business owners to ensure that the people they are responsible for are safe and protected at all times.

Burglar bar doors have been for sale for a long time to ensure some form of safety during a robbery. They also provide a visual deterrent for those who are looking for potential targets for invasions or robberies. Burglar doors for sale were traditionally constructed of an iron grid that goes over a door or entry, or even a window.

The more modern burglar doors for sale are well-designed to provide exceptional versatility, ease of use and installation, and even a slam-lock ability that allows the door to automatically lock when the door hits the frame. This enables people who feel threatened to slam the door shut at any time, so that they can remain safe within the building, while the perpetrator is locked outside.

It is well worth investing in burglar doors for sale, and there are many different types of these on the market. The question you have to answer, however, is which burglar doors would suit your needs the best. If it is a door that needs to be opened and closed at regular intervals, such as in a shop or retail situation, you have to be able to ensure that the door not only meets the needs of the shop owner and the space, but also the needs of the clients.

The most popular way to manage this form of security nowadays still remains the burglar doors for sale that can be buzzed open from some distance away by the shop owner, while it can slam shut when the customer leaves. There should also be some form of protection to ensure that a customer (or potential thief or robber) is not able to leave the premises easily, and has to be let out with the push of a button.

Modern burglar doors for sale enable the property owner to control the access to the property. For private homes, this means that sliding doors can be open, while a burglar-proof, slam-lock door is concertinaed and locked in place to prevent any unwanted entry. Slam locks are also great because they close on impact, and allow a degree of safety that other burglar doors for sale do not.

If you are looking for burglar doors for sale, and want to find the best security solution for your particular premises, contact our team at Sequre. We have been in the business of providing the best types of burglar doors, concertina safety gates, and slam-lock gates on the market. We are certain to have the perfect security solution to suit your needs. Give our team a call today to find out how we can help to keep you, and your family, a lot safer!

Get Folding Security Gates at Your Home

Find Peace of Mind: Install Folding Security Gates at Your Home or Office from Sequre Today!

In South Africa, we have a particularly high crime rate, and securing your property against unauthorised intruders is now a necessity that we cannot live without. Nobody wants to have their property violated or possessions stolen, and least of all, a property or home invasion. Security has become a major concern, and it can be very restrictive and aesthetically unappealing, so finding a secure method of closing doors and windows is really important. Folding security gates have gained huge popularity in all kinds of situations. Because they have a concertina-like ability to squash all the bars together into a compact little space, they are very practical and easy to use, while still providing outstanding security. CONTINUE

Installing Effective Burglar Proofing

The Importance of Choosing and Installing Effective Burglar Proofing

In this country, it has become a sad reality that home invasions and burglaries are things that happen on a fairly regular basis, and people everywhere invest significant sums of money in the security of their homes or offices. Safety is of the utmost importance for everyone, and burglar proofing is one of the best ways to avoid break-ins. Not only do they provide a visual deterrent for potential burglars or those who want to gain entry to a building, but modern burglar proofing can be a lot more attractive than the traditional permanent metal bars that are welded or bolted onto window frames. Some types of burglar proofing are practically invisible, while also providing outstanding protection. CONTINUE

Security Gates for Sale Pretoria

Looking for Security Gates for Sale in Pretoria? Come to Sequre!

The crime rate in this country is something that everyone is worried about, and the security industry is thriving. New technology and security solutions are constantly being designed and marketed, and as a result, security solutions are becoming more advanced and effective. One of the first things people tend to invest in is a good set of security gates to control access and to prevent unauthorised access. CONTINUE

Install Retractable Security Gates

5 Good Reasons to Install Retractable Security Gates at Your Property

South Africans are constantly worried about security as a result of the high crime rate. Many changes have been made by the South African Police over the last few years, but so far, these changes have yielded very little reduction in crime, and in some places, crime has even increased! Home invasions are no longer rare, and there is a steady increase in burglaries. CONTINUE

Invest in Slam Lock Security Gates

Why You Should Invest In Sequre Slam Lock Security Gates Today!

It is a sad fact that we live with high crime rates in this country, and people need very effective security solutions to safeguard themselves, their families, employees, and even pets and assets against intruders and home invasions. While it is easy to put up burglar guards in a window, safeguarding doors can be a little more complicated. Keeping doors closed at all times is also not very effective, because it does not allow for air flow through the building, and prevents people from enjoying their gardens or outdoor areas. People often also have a need to secure certain areas within the building, such as the bedrooms or sleeping quarters during the night.

Traditional security gates are often not very good looking, and may impair the view. Sometimes, a swing door can get in the way when it has to be opened and closed all the time, especially if it is positioned inside the home. There are times when people just want to have the door open without any barriers in the way, yet they still need the security that a gate will provide if an intruder does manage to gain access to the yard or a certain portion of the home.

The ideal solution is to get slam lock security gates. These doors are very strong, and can literally be slammed shut in case of an emergency. Imagine someone is chasing you; there is no way that you would have enough time to close and lock a gate with an intruder on your heels, and slam lock security gates are designed to lock the moment it is slammed closed. This means that you can very quickly put a barrier between you and the intruder when time and quick reactions are vital. Slam lock security gates are also just so much easier to manage because they concertina back into a small, compact space, and will not be a barrier to deal with every time you go through the door.

Most slam lock security gates are fitted with one lock, but at Sequre, we design our slam lock security gates to contain a dead lock as well, and this provides an added layer of security when you need it most. Slam locks immediately lock the door once it is closed, whereas a deadlock has to be manually locked with a key that needs to be turned twice in order to securely lock the door.

If you are looking for the optimal security doors for your home, our slam lock security gates at Sequre provide the perfect solution. Give our team a call to find out more about our highly effective slam lock security gates today.