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Bring On Burglar Proofing

Most South Africans would wish away this country’s high crime rates if they had half a chance of improving the situation by doing so. Sadly though, this is one wish that won’t come true right now. Currently, it’s an impossible dream, as it is for the foreseeable future too. People have to adopt another plan that’s effective in securing their properties, possessions, and persons – it’s time to bring on burglar proofing.

Quintessential Security Measure

Burglar proofing has become the quintessential and recommended security measure that one should implement to ensure the safety of homes and businesses, be it on an individual or group basis, such as throughout a residential complex, lifestyle estate, office park, and industrial or warehouse complex.

The Insurance Aspect of Burglar Proofing

Numerous household and business insurance companies insist that the clients whom they insure secure their properties with such preventative measures. By complying with this prerequisite, insurance premiums are usually more affordable than would otherwise be the case. Alternatively, the insurers may inflate premiums and excess or co-payments in the event of claim arising after a break-in in order to compensate for a lack of burglar proofing.

Specialists in the field, particularly our company, Sequre, are aware that no one can absolutely provide a 100% guarantee that premises are 100% proof against a break-in, but the likelihood of this happening is greatly reduced after the professional installation of our company’s products, which also serve as a very effective deterrent.

Burglar Proofing Your Backyard

Sequre’s Guarantees and Assurances

Nonetheless, we offer a number of guarantees and assurances, which illustrate the faith and confidence we (and our clients) have in the quality and performance of our leading products and services:

  • Lifetime guarantee – we will replace, repair, or issue a refund if any of our products are broken through or breached – for a lifetime
  • Established in 2001 – and now a leading light in our industry
  • A record of excellence in custom-designing, manufacturing, and installing quality burglar proofing solutions for homes, businesses, and commercial and industrial properties
  • 7-year workmanship guarantee – which clearly indicates the extent to which we trust the durability and quality of our products
  • Holders of numerous patents and registered designs that concentrate on product and installation strength with which to keep burglars out and occupants, plus their belongings, safe and secure from potential harm

There was a time when a fair percentage of those who were scouting around for a new home or business premises tended to avoid areas in which buildings were obviously burglar-proofed, because these measures led them to surmise or perceive that the addition of obvious and visible security products were indicative of an area in which high crime rates prevailed.

Add Value and Appeal

These misperceptions would become evident. Nowadays, the converse is true. A property that is already equipped with good-quality, custom-fit burglar proofing is preferred by most. In fact, burglar proofing adds investment value to the property, as well as its appeal in the marketplace, amongst security-conscious potential buyers and tenants.

Would-be criminals far rather target premises which appear to be unsecured. Therefore, when a security product deters the criminal element, it’s even more appealing to everyone else. Contact us at Sequre for a free quote. Keep yourself and others safe, secure, and intact with our industry-leading, custom-made, and professionally installed, innovative burglar-proofing products.

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