5 Advantages of Using Steel Security Gates for Your Home and Business Premises

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5 Advantages of Using Steel Security Gates for Your Home and Business Premises

In South Africa, security gates for sale are in high demand due to frequent break-ins. Steel security gates offer robust protection, with reinforced frames and tamper-resistant features. Integrating advanced technologies, like electronic access control and surveillance cameras, enhances their effectiveness. These customizable solutions address security challenges in the country’s demanding landscape.

Often, it comes down to what the particular needs of that specific site is, and the appropriate security solutions have to be found to deter intruders, or to deal with them if they do manage to enter the premises. Steel security gates have become something that we rely on a lot. Here are some of the reasons why people invest in high-quality steel security gates at their business premises and at home.

  1. High Level Security: Using steel security gates is a sure-fire way to prevent access to certain areas. For instance, some people use them for exterior doors, while others use them inside the home in order to protect certain areas within the home, such as the sleeping quarters. It is a great way of gaining control over unauthorised access, and slam lock gates, in particular, are great at keeping out intruders when being chased or threatened.
  2. Safe Parking: If there are certain areas on your property where others are not allowed to park (for instance in a housing development or a block of flats), steel security gates can keep your parking space safe, so that you are always assured of a safe place to park. It also helps to keep your vehicle safe at night, and it lowers insurance costs because security is better.
  3. Retail Areas: If you have a shop that requires a high-level of security, steel security gates can bring you peace of mind. It is extremely difficult for intruders to gain entry to the shop unless you open the gate, and you can control who gains entrance to your shop while you are working. It also works in the reverse – you can control who leaves the shop as well. Often, entrance buttons are used at shops to enable staff to ensure that the people allowed in the shop are relatively safe.
  4. Gardens and Play Areas: Your kids and pets are important to you, and if you want to provide them with a safe outdoor area within a contained yard, a steel security gate is the way to go. This means that pets will not be able to leave the yard, and that children are contained within a safe space. You also don’t have to worry about any unwanted entrances to your yard.
  5. Low Maintenance: Steel security gates are usually treated and finished with certain products that make them weatherproof – even in the harsh South African climate. The steel remains rust-free, and high wind and sun won’t damage them. They can last for decades without any serious maintenance. Perhaps a drop of oil here and there, and washing the gates to keep them looking good will do, but otherwise, they require virtually no maintenance. Sometimes, locks need to be oiled, especially when it comes to slam-lock gates, but this is only necessary about twice a year to keep the locks working properly, especially when outside.

The security of your business and your home is a top priority, and using steel security gates as a deterrent and a defence mechanism can be a very cost-effective way of protecting the assets and people you value most. Give our team at Sequre a call today to find out more about our wonderful range of steel security gates and other security solutions.

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